Tonight I miss you...

You are on my mind. Weighing heavy on my heart. Memories of you are flooding my brain. Your beautiful smile. Your free and contagious laughter. Your eyes and the look that has captured my heart so many times. The feel of your body wrapped in my arms. How your head feels lying on my shoulder. The way you are always on your toes. How your lips feel so soft against mine. And how the taste of your cherry lip gloss lingers on my mouth. How you hold onto me so tightly in that moment of bliss when we become one. Your nightgowns and how they feel against my skin. And how incredibly sexy you look in them. Your purple dress and how we were both still finding glitter in random places two weeks later. The way you sing along without abandon to whatever music is playing. The way you dance. So free and joyous. And how all I can do is stand and watch in awe until you pull me close and make me move with you. Your total randomness in conversation. And your matter of fact opinions and fantastic advice. Your undying love for your children. Hearing you read bed time stories to them at night. Seeing you be such a wonderful mother and the joy they bring you. And I could go on and on...

I wish so much that I could get these moments back. And I wish even more that there will be more down the road. But I have no guarantee. So for now I will hold on to what I have. And love you from a distance. A distance that I hope someday can shrink instead of widen as it seems to have done as of late. And that I won't have to miss you as I do now.

Because tonight...I miss you.

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